The effectiveness of using light and infrared therapy to stimulate rejuvenation in damaged tissues has been documented in more than 2,500 research papers and approximately 100 double blind studies. Light therapy, also known as Phototherapy, is a Health Canada and FDA approved therapy used worldwide by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and in Sports Medicine for over 35 years.

Our Studies on File include:

1.     Pessoa, A. Tända Professional Restore Blinded Study.  Pharos Life Corporation 2009.

2.     Technology Resources

o   Healing with Single Frequency Light

o   Cellular Mechanisms of Low Power Laser Therapy

o   Effect of NASA Light-Emmiting Diode Irradiation on Wound Healing

o   Therapeutic Light

o   The NASA Light-Emmiting Diode Medical Program – Progress in Space Flight and Terrestrial Applications

o   The Place of Coherence in Light Induced Tissue Repair and Pain Modulation

Online Resources:


Dynamic Chiropractic Physics for Chiropractors

Calculating the Energy Density of Therapy Laser Phil Harrington, DC


Dynamic Chiropractic Physics for Chiropractors

Can Laser Therapy Damage Tissue? By Phil Harrington, DC


Arndt Schultz Law and Its Applications by Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma



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