What is light therapy?

Light therapy is the application of light energy for therapeutic benefits.  It is a proven technology that has been used in clinics for rehabilitation and aesthetic applications and over 35 years. 


Is this a possible alternative to drugs or surgery? 

Yes.   For some conditions this innovative, therapeutic healing method can eliminate the need for painful, debilitating surgeries and drug therapies that are often accompanied by harmful side effects. Light Therapy can be used as an exclusive treatment solution or can be used in combination with other healing methods provided by your practitioner.




How soon will I see results?

You may experience a reduction in pain, swelling and edema immediately.  30 minutes after treatment you may also experience extended range of motion, higher levels of pain control and relaxation in muscles and joints.


How long will the relief last?

How long the relief lasts depends upon the person and the condition. Refer to the included User Guidelines and/or speak to your health care professional for usage protocols and expectations. You are also welcome to call Syneron Beauty with any questions about a personal protocol based on your injury at 1.800.651.3377 x.233


Can light therapy be used over the spine?

Yes, it is safe to use light therapy directly over the spine, back of the neck and over nerves. You can also use the device over implants, boney prominences and pace makers.


Can light therapy be used on acute injuries?

Yes, this is an important advantage of using light therapy over other types of treatments. Injuries have been shown to heal 40% faster when treated appropriately with light therapy. 

Although there is often a dramatic reduction in pain and swelling within just a few sessions, sufficient time is still required for complete tissue repair. Patients need to be cautioned not to return prematurely to activities. Working closely with your health professional will get you back in action faster.

Also preliminary research suggests that preventive light therapy (i.e. treatment before training or competition) has been useful to prevent injury or increase healing time if injured.




Are there any harmful side effects? 

There are no known harmful side effects of light therapy. Thousands of scientific studies have proven this technology to be a safe and highly effective way to treat a variety of conditions. 


How much heat does the Tända Professional Restore device generate?

The heat generated by the Tända Professional Restore treatment can reach up to 41 degrees Celsius at skin contact. Under normal operating circumstances, the temperature remains under 41°C (105.8 °F). If the temperature exceeds this maximum temperature it terminates the treatment cycle. 




Some manufacturers claim that their laser or light device can treat through clothing, is this true?
No. Laser and light devices cannot penetrate clothing sufficiently to provide an effective treatment.  


Why can’t I see that all the SLDs are on?

Infrared light (the light emitted by Tända Professional Restore) is not visible to the naked eye. There are three additional red SLDs which  illuminate when the treatment head is in operation.  As long as the 3 LEDs are operating, your device is functioning correctly. (NOTE : DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE TÄNDA TREATMENT HEAD).  


What are SLD’s?

SLDs are Super Luminous Diodes, a newer, medical quality super bright version of LED with a specific bandwidth. The power density and quality of SLD light elicits a therapeutic effect. 


What is infrared light?

Infrared light is part of the natural light spectrum. Unlike thermal heat sources, such as heating pads that heat the skin’s surface, infrared energy penetrates into muscle tissue to provide warming and temporary pain relief where you really need it. 


What is a mW?
The mW rating of a light device is simply the power output of the light or laser. Milliwatt or mW is a unit of power equal to one thousandth of a watt.  1000 milliwatts equals 1 watt.

Is more power output better?
Yes, up to a point. The power output of a device determines treatment times and the effectiveness of the device.  Laser and/or light devices that output over 1 Watt (1000 milliwatts) are regarded as unnecessary and excessive in scientific literature and research.


What does nm mean?
A nm or nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter.  The nm rating on a light or laser device designates what wavelength an SLD or laser is emitted from the device.  The Tända Professional Restore light therapy device has 3- 660nm (red SLDs) and 33-870nm (infrared SLDs).

What is a joule?
A joule is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt second and the number is calculated by power output, treatment area and time.  Research shows that the optimal treatment (joules/cm2) is 4-6 joules/cm2. (Arndt-Schultz Law). The Tända Professional Restore light therapy device delivers 5 joules/cm2 over three minutes.

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